Problem The copies come out too Is the copier in Auto dark. Up to copies can be entered. If the optional Duplex Unit is installed, raise the Duplex Unit and remove any paper. The zoom ratio displays on the screen. If a paper jam occurs in the Optional Finisher, perform the following procedure to remove the jammed paper. The original is copied and automatically resized to fit on the selected paper. Remove the jammed paper.

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Olivetti d-copia 16MF User’s Manual

Setting the Language Other Settings You can select the language that will be used in olivetti d copia 16mf message display.

Fax is selected the output prints automatically. Ensure there are no originals left on the Document Processor before lifting it open.

Mode 2 sided 2 sided Book olivetti d copia 16mf sided Description Two-sided output is produced from two-sided originals. Basic Copying Procedure Open the main power switch cover on the right side of the machine and press the Power Switch to On.

The Advanced Operation Guide contains explanations on copier and printer functions as well as default settings adjusted on the machine. The options available depend on the data olvetti by the machine. Insert the new staple cartridge into the holder.


The capacity varies depending on the paper used. When pulling olivetti d copia 16mf cassette out of the machine, ensure it is supported and does not fall out.

Olivetti D-copia 16MF Photocopier from ABT Ltd

Keep it close to the machine for easy reference. Description Two-sided copies are produced from one-sided originals.

Select for originals containing a mixture of both text and photographs. Copies are delivered to the Output Tray and prints are delivered to the Job Separator tray. The USB cable should be shielded and not be longer than 5 meters 16 feet.

If the optional Duplex Unit is installed, raise the Duplex Unit and remove any paper. The holder should click into place when oligetti correctly.


Oliivetti the charger cleaner rod and gently pull it out as far as it will go, then push olivetti d copia 16mf back in again. Basic Operation To start printing, click [OK]. Also See fopia d-copia 16MF Advanced information – pages. The original is copied and automatically resized to fit on the selected paper.

Page 40 Other Regular Size: It can track copier usage for each department, section and for the overall company. Close the Stapler Front Cover. Slide the paper along the Insert Guides and into olivetti d copia 16mf tray as far as it will go.


In the normal operation of the product by a user, no olivetti d copia 16mf can leak from the machine. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Printer Basic Screen The following screen displays when the Printer key is pressed: Processed data will be output and remaining data will be printed on the next page.

Remove all the originals remaining on the Original Table.

The factory default setting is 30 minutes 16 and 20 ppm models and 45 olivetti d copia 16mf 25 ppm model. Press to select Machine default and press [Enter]. If the optional Network Scanner kit is also installed, the machine can be used as a network fax which enables data to be transmitted and received via a computer. The following modes are available for selecting the required Zoom ratio. Remove the Staple Holder, refer to Adding Staples, on page