If not set, it defaults to true. For example, the following URL specifies host as Initially, getPoolCount returns 0. This content has been marked as final. The server namespace containing the classes and data that your client application will use. Connection object, which is used to create the Statement object.

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The root cause was that: For example, assume that program myJdbcProgram sets the port to in a hard-coded connection string. Are you sure ihtersystems it is a real intersystems cache jdbc driver?

Connection object, which is used to create the Statement object. The following command line will still allow it to run on port Valid values are true and intersystems cache jdbc. This jar doesnot contain jdbc cacye com. However, it is also possible to specify the username and password in the URL string, although this is discouraged. Connection Intersystems cache jdbc supplies intersustems connection with information about the host address, port number, and namespace to be accessed.


JDBC Driver versions for InterSystems Caché

You don’t have JavaScript enabled. If not set, it defaults to false. Go to original post. I found the other file, and my test connection was successful.

It should not be intersystems cache jdbc in production. I get the following error when I try to verify the connection: Post as a guest Name. Toggling this flag can affect the performance of the application.

ConnectionPoolDataSource interface, providing a connection pool for your Java intersystems cache jdbc applications. Correct Answers – 10 points. Frantumn 4 19 For example, the following URL sets only the required parameters and the nodelay option:.

I will try this. Here are the steps for using CacheDataSource:.

JDBC Driver versions for InterSystems Caché –

Sign up using Facebook. No suitable driver available for test, intersystems cache jdbc check the driver setting in resources file, error:. I’ve zipped it and created a link for intersywtems dropbox.

The following properties are supported:. Connection verification failed for data source: Otherwise, other mechanisms already in place will be invoked.


DAiMor 2, 10 I am not familiar with the cacheDB. Even if a program hard-codes the port number in the connection string, it can be changed in the command line. Intersystems cache jdbc the driver, then use CacheDataSource to create the connection and specify username and password:. Typically, you will change the default password after installing the server.

Based on the error message, I am wondering if it’s intersystemms possible to connect to intersystems databases with the Intersystems cache jdbc connector. Exception, if you want to see more information look into the details.